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CD-Whiskey and Wimmer: John Lee Hooker's Finest
John Lee Hooker - Whiskey & Wimmin: John Lee Hooker's Finest

For a sustaining donation of $5 per month or $60 for the year, you'll receive a limited copy of John Lee Hooker's CD - Whiskey & Wimmin: John Lee Hooker's Finest.

1. Boom Boom
2. Boogie Children
3. Dimples
4. I'm In The Mood
5. I Love You Honey
6. Whiskey and Wimmen
7. I Need Some Money
8. Grinder Man
9. I'm Going Upstairs
10. Big Legs, Tight skirt
11. No More Doggin'
12. No Shoes
13. Crawlin' King Snake
14. Frisco Blues
15. It Serves Me Right
16. Time Is Marching